Vehicle Painting Services

The paint shop works tirelessly to match all colours and trims, yielding a factory-quality finish.

From a mild fender bender to a more serious car crash, no one likes a car accident. Allow our trained professionals to complete your automobile restoration to manufacturer-specified standards.

Gauthier Collision Centre New Facility Delivers Extraordinary Results:
  • Both natural gas and LPG used
  • Drying time is reduced by more than 50%
  • Fuel consumption (gas or diesel) is reduced by 80%
  • Productivity increase by 30%
  • Medium wave infrared emission, risk-proof when used on plastic parts
  • Maximum safety is guaranteed by means of anti-detonation, explosion-proof and flameless heaters thanks to the flameless oxidation
  • Large radiation area thanks to the large radiant heaters and higher thermal efficiency
  • Extremely low level of unburned material. The combustion residue is compound - mostly water vapour and the CO/CO2 ratio is close to zero

Gauthier Collision Centre Vehicle Paint Services Benefits: 
  • Any size fits in the booths
  • Drying of any car model (up to an SUV)
  • No need to protect plastic or aluminum car parts
  • Perfect drying and an excellent finish on all painted products -water and solvent based
  • Short training and minimized assistance due to the system's simplicity and reliability + after sale service
  • The temperature on the support is controlled pyrometers and managed by latest generation software, for perfectly uniform drying, including on the front and back of the car and with the bumpers in place.
  • Gas trains are equipped with gas pressure regulators, high and low safety switches, modulating gas valves. Gas plumbing, fittings and valves meet all international requirements
  • No Nox or Carbon Monoxide
  • PLC-monitored
  • Control panel systems are protected by circuit breakers
  • Customised temperature selection, according to the paint product used
  • Simple programming - just a few taps on the screen and the pre-set programmes can be customised by the user
  • Visibly better quality and hardness
  • Immediate sanding and polishing after cure

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